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6 Easy Tips to a Fast Decor Refresh

I have great respect for professional interior designers who not only create incredible custom interiors, but who also embrace the more subtle side of decorating. The simple technique of freshening up your space can literally change the entire feel of a room.

This is one of my absolute favorite decorating methods to use when I want to facilitate a quick room refresh. Click To Tweet
Nate Shares Home Decor Refresh Tips (Image Source: Architectural Digest)

In this  article Nate Berkus describes a technique I love and have been using with my own clients for years.

One of the great things about interior design is that the fundamentals stay the same – the magic is in how you apply your unique decor style and personality.

So, check out Nate’s techniques and tips in his article, and here’s my own client process:

The 6 Tips:

Move things around – Don’t be afraid to re-position your sofa, or swap out a chair from another room.

Shop your home – Walk around the various rooms and see what you might like to bring into your space to change things up.

Redo accessories – That artwork in your den might look great in the living room. Feel free to change out pillows, throws, etc.

De Clutter – We all tend to accidentally collect things. Remove excess magazines, books, and anything that distracts your look.

Add texture & greenery – Add a layer of warmth and nature to your space. Baskets, throws, potted plants or small trees do nicely.

Don’t forget the guest room – That catch all space with the extra bed is also for guests. Decorate it like a hotel space, offering the comforts of home.

Are you ready to redecorate your own spaces?  I’ve got a step by step guide for that.  Click here to find out more.

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2 Comments to “6 Easy Tips to a Fast Decor Refresh”

  1. It was nice that you suggested walking around the rooms of your house so you can determine what your space needs to change things up. My husband and I are planning to buy home decors for our new house, and we want to make sure that we’ll have the vision of how our house will look after decorating it. Thanks for sharing all your tips on decorating your house.


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