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Fast and Festive Holiday Tablescapes

Designing tablescapes is such a fun and simple way to add holiday cheer to your Christmas decor. We all put a lot of effort into trimming the tree and displaying our holiday decorations, but what about that dining room table?

A beautiful tablescape includes a few key elements. The table runner, which sets the tone for all the tablescaping decor, some kind of light, which could be candles, faux candles, or led light strings, and your florals, which include a multitude of choices. For a natural theme, choose live greenery, for a modern theme, go with artificial foliage with lots of sparkle. The key is to play off the colors and the theme found in your table runner. Be consistent and feel free to embellish as you wish or maintain a minimal approach if going more contemporary.

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You can also create a custom look by making your own floral arrangements as seen here:

natural greenery with LED lights

Here are several images to help inspire you

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Finish off your tablescape with your favorite dishes and glassware. Use a Christmas themed set, or you can choose a neutral dish color like white and place your napkins over the plate secured in a festive napkin ring. And don’t forget the charger plate! That extra layer gives additional depth and color to your overall composition. Set your imagination free and have fun with it.

Merry Christmas!!

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