What’s the Matter with this Mantle?

Have you ever wondered why changing a decor detail that “seems” to be just fine, is actually the right thing to do! It may be in good condition and provides a useful function, so what’s the problem? Sometimes a room can be suffering from design dyslexia. That is when different decor styles are competing with each other in your space which causes visual confusion. A key component to creating great design is telling a cohesive story throughout the room. Click To Tweet Many times my clients think that they can’t change an architectural detail when there is nothing functionally wrong with it.  Let me tell you that is simply not the case!
Take a look at this mantle in it’s original condition-

original mantle

It is traditional looking with fluted legs and dental molding detail. Beautiful right? Maybe yes, however, the look I am helping my clients to incorporate is a pseudo rustic contemporary craftsman space and this mantle is not playing well in that theme. As you can see, this mantle transformation is dramatic even though all we changed was the wood detail. All the tile work is the same.

new mantle in progress
molding detail added to leg
new mantle before stain

Clearly defining your decor style is one of the most important steps in starting any decorating project. I am so passionate about it that I published a book detailing how to execute the strategy along with other design tips to help empower you to take on your next design project with confidence!

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One Comment to “What’s the Matter with this Mantle?”

  1. Gwen Kuhn

    Great idea-as always!!
    I changed mine a bit by adding another layer to the top and all is white since my brick has the German schmear.


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