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3 Key Tips to Styling Your Home Office

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Key Home Office Design Elements

How many of you work from a home office? Count me in! And how much time went into planning and styling your space? Not much, right? Want to learn how to set up your home office for success? These 3 key tips may surprise you but they're the most important office design elements! Click To Tweet 1. Start with a clearly defined office space.

Your ability to focus on business starts when you establish a work zone. Congratulations if you have a dedicated office space! That means your room is your work zone so keep other stuff out! And for the folks who share space, like a guest room and office, make sure you separate your work zone from the rest of the room. Don’t mix your office area with other unrelated activities because it’s a big distraction!

2. Create a productive work area.

The main culprit to productivity is clutter. Clutter creeps up without you even noticing. Can you just imagine an empty lunch plate, or the laundry strewn over the back of the chair, or a pile of mail that was never opened. Left unchecked, clutter builds up and then you loose concentration. In my opinion, you’ll be more organized in an uncluttered space. And when you are organized you spend more time being productive.

3. Consider ergonomics in your environment.

Utilizing ergonomic products improves your workplace environment. Here are a few examples to consider:
– Use an L.E.D. task lamp.
– Purchase a lumbar supporting desk chair.
– Position your  monitor at eye level.
You’ll be amazed how a healthy work environment leads to better focus and problem solving. And that leads to more profits for your business!

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