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Home Office Driving You Crazy?
Working From Home- Temp or Trend?


Who knew working from home would be “a thing” in 2020 right? Well, crazy times call for key intel! Click To Tweet For some of you it’s just another day at the office, but for others it’s caused major turmoil and stress, turning your home upside down!” For the latter group, I hear ya! And all of you reading this right now, please breathe in deeply and take a break. I’m giving you permission to relax for a minute and  take in some helpful tips and hacks to turn that desk disaster into a productive machine! Starting with your work area. Why?
Because it’s where all the magic happens!

Key Tips:
-Designate an “office area” Space (spare room, nook/hallway, loft, living rm corner)
-Reduce visual clutter (clear out all non-office related items from your work area)
-Choose a space with great natural light
-Avoid areas with lots of distractions so you can properly focus on work

Best Work From Home Practices:
-Set boundaries for yourself (hours you work)
-Create a routine (stretch every 2 hours, walk, make a call, step away from the desk)
-Get organized & systematize (create files, a place for your supplies, keep it simple)
-Give yourself ample storage (desk drawers, file cabinets, decorative boxes, shelving)

Following these tips will help you actually enjoy your work from home time. Creating a functional and productive home office space sets you up for meeting your business goals and profit objectives!

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