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Want Your Own Relaxing Master Bedroom Retreat?

Working with wonderful clients is really what my business is all about. Today I’m sharing the story of a master bedroom retreat, designed for a lovely couple who really wanted a change from their circa 1980s bedroom!

Starting with the walls, if you have a non-symmetrical slanted ceiling height, you can camouflage the distraction with paneling that stops three quarters of the way up. Click To Tweet This creates an architectural detail, squaring off the accent wall behind the bed. Using a bold accent color on the paneling sets the stage for all the soft, rich textiles dressing the bed.  If you enjoy simple, clean lines and an uncluttered feel, you will love this design idea! Keeping the walls, flooring and furniture in the lighter tones makes for soft backdrop. Using a black antique like iron headboard speaks to the personality of the occupants as well as creating a layered focal point to accentuate the paneling.

Also, don’t forget to bring out your personal taste in the artwork you choose. These clients love abstract art, and the colors really pop against the paneling. Don’t be afraid to be bold! It’s your own personal space and you want it to feel that way.

For more information on how you can work with me to create your very own special space, please click here.

Great designing!
Sandy Anchondo

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