I made a biG commitment this week! As a member of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I promised to post at least one blog per day for the next 30 days. Your reward for staying tuned to my blog, will be enjoying designer tips and ideas focused on creating home decor items by re-purposing treasures you may have stashed away or forgotten about. Many of us have those items that we simply don’t know what to do with. If that is you, I welcome your input and promise to incorporate your comments into my tips and ideas.    So, until tomorrow, sweet design dreams to all!

Design Tips

When it comes to DIY projects, some of the most simple ideas can literally re-define a space. If your bedroom is dull and drab, maybe what you need is a new headboard to take your style up a notch!  HGTV has some great suggestions for creating your own headboard without breaking the bank.  Check out these photos…

Click here:http://www.hgtv.com/bedrooms/budget-friendly-headboards/pictures/index.html?nl=HGI_062613_featlink1&sni_mid=84977&sni_rid=84977.324.842218&c32={179665AE-9F3E-4B41-A6E7-03103C191E26}

Decorating Dialogue

On Thursday, September 23rd, an Open House Celebration was held for a group of families moving into their new Habitat homes. As part of a volunteer team of designers, I participated in the design and installation of furnishings for one of these fortunate families.         FH living room

 Click on the Volunteer Design Project link on right side bar of this page to view a slide show of photos. For more information on how to volunteer visit  www.furnishinghope.org

Design Tips

Okay, let me first qualify this statement by saying, any budget minded creative design project starts with using what you already have.  That being said, I got my design inspiration for these drapery panels after finding a 100% cotton shower curtain marked down to $4.24! After looking through my remnant fabrics, I found the perfect complimentary color to accommodate my window length.  Note: standard shower curtains are  72″ x 72″. 

Step 1: I re-purposed a bamboo pole by cutting it down to form the drapery hardware and attached them to the wall with standard “L” brackets from my tool box. 

Step 2: I simply cut the shower curtain in half and sewed the solid fabric to the bottom. Note: use fusible iron on tape if you don’t have a sewing machine.  Turn under and either sew or tape  the raw side seam and bottom hem.

Step 3: I hung the curtain on the bamboo rod using drapery ring clips I already had.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Design Tips

I can’t help but get inspired by all the beautiful colors in my garden at this time of year. A simple photograph can become inexpensive artwork by simply printing out your favorite pictures and framing them to coordinate with your decor.  This hydrangea would add a punch of color to any room in your home.

Have a big space to fill on a small budget? Take multiple framed photos (of a similar theme) and place them in a geometric pattern to make an even larger impact.

Want even more drama? Pick an accent color using the small tester size paint samples and paint out a block on your wall. Then hang the photograph(s) inside the color block.  You just created your own custom work of art. And lastly, don’t forget that placing fresh flower cuttings into your favorite vase will surely brighten up any space.

Design Tips

Votives and tea lights are an entertaining standby that you can give new life to by placement in unexpected containers. For example, set pretty blue tea lights in white porcelain dipping dishes, and arrange them on a wooden tray. Makes a great accent for any table!