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$4.24 Custom Drapery Panels

Okay, let me first qualify this statement by saying, any budget minded creative design project starts with using what you already have.  That being said, I got my design inspiration for these drapery panels after finding a 100% cotton shower curtain marked down to $4.24! After looking through my remnant fabrics, I found the perfect complimentary color to accommodate my window length.  Note: standard shower curtains are  72″ x 72″. 

Step 1: I re-purposed a bamboo pole by cutting it down to form the drapery hardware and attached them to the wall with standard “L” brackets from my tool box. 

Step 2: I simply cut the shower curtain in half and sewed the solid fabric to the bottom. Note: use fusible iron on tape if you don’t have a sewing machine.  Turn under and either sew or tape  the raw side seam and bottom hem.

Step 3: I hung the curtain on the bamboo rod using drapery ring clips I already had.

Step 4: Enjoy!

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