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No “Tricks” Decorating Tips

Are you ready to “Treat” yourself to some fun Halloween decorating ideas?

October is just around the corner and thinking about it conjures up images of autumn leaves changing color,  cooler evenings, and of course, a fun excuse for decorating…. Halloween! Yes, it’s time to break out the pumpkin scented candles, the jack-o-lanterns and assorted holiday fare. Feel free to bring out your personality with your Halloween decor. Maybe you like it scary, or maybe your design style is more subdued. What ever direction your design inspiration takes you, this is the one holiday where you have permission to take it over the top!

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

There are a few areas of the home I like to target when decorating for Halloween. The entryway (including the front porch), a fireplace mantel (if you have one) and the dining room.

The entryway sets the tone for your Halloween decor style. Make it a little spooky or create a fun theme… like friendly black cats (instead of scary ones.) See photo to the left. LOL!

Your fireplace mantel is the perfect spot for candles placed at various heights using pops of orange and black color in the background.  Another idea is to create a miniature haunted town for those of you with that crafty touch,  Or, you could keep it simple by placing a large wreath with a Halloween motif in the center of the mantel.

Lastly, if your dining room has a table not used for daily meals, you can create a custom tablescape. A tablescape is any kind of table top design usually arranged in multiple layers and heights and can be viewed from all angles.  It is similar to a centerpiece but fills a larger space on the table. There are tons of tablescape designs. One idea is to start by creating different elevations on your table. Simply collect assorted small boxes from around the house, or bowls turned upside down work well too. Set them up in an arrangement that you like then cover everything with a decorative table-cloth or fabric remnant. After establishing that foundation, you continue to layer your design placing objects on the various platforms creating your custom tablescape.

For more information and help with holiday decorating hop over here for more information.

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