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How Big is Your Small Space? Three Steps to Making it Work

Most of us will experience the dilemma of downsizing at some point in our lifetime. Maybe it’s after the kids move out, or you are combining households, or my favorite reason, you want to simplify your life. When faced with the reality of downsizing, many people feel anxious about how much space they are loosing. On the contrary, it’s not how much space you have, but, how you use it that counts!

How Big is Your Small Space?
How Big is Your Small Space?

The first key step to making it work is space planning. Before you move into your new place, take measurements of the rooms and start to define the functionality you will require for each space. Multi-use areas are your friends. For example, if you have a combination living room/dining area which is popular in many homes, you can create a comfortable conversation space and substitute the dining table for a stylish work space. Your dining area can be re-directed to the kitchen, utilizing any built-in features such as an island or breakfast bar. Set up a small kitchen table and chairs if space permits. For entertaining larger crowds, open up your patio or deck for extra seating. Thinking of your outdoor space as extra living space is a huge plus.

The second key to success is proper furniture placement. When setting up your furniture, always think about using the space efficiently, meaning use all the space! Yes, you want to create traffic flow patterns, but avoid the urge to place all your furniture against the wall. You end up with a big empty crater in the center of the room which actually makes the space feel smaller than it is. Also, placing your furniture on an angle when you can, tends to open up your space, especially in a square shaped room.

The last step to consider in making your small space work is creating built-in shelving. If your home has standard reach-in closets, consider installing floor to ceiling shelving for extra storage. Using the vertical square footage in a closet can exponentially increase your storage space vs. the conventional hanging rod and single shelf option. This technique can be applied to any architectural niches in your home whether in the living room, family room, or bedroom. By thinking out of the box, you will be rewarded with extra square footage you never knew you had.

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