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Most of us will experience the dilemma of downsizing at some point in our lifetime. Maybe it’s after the kids move out, or you are combining households, or my favorite reason, you want to simplify your life. When faced with the reality of downsizing, many people feel anxious about how much space they are loosing. On the contrary, it’s not how much space you have, but, how you use it that counts!

How Big is Your Small Space?
How Big is Your Small Space?

The first key step to making it work is space planning. Before you move into your new place, take measurements of the rooms and start to define the functionality you will require for each space. Multi-use areas are your friends. For example, if you have a combination living room/dining area which is popular in many homes, you can create a comfortable conversation space and substitute the dining table for a stylish work space. Your dining area can be re-directed to the kitchen, utilizing any built-in features such as an island or breakfast bar. Set up a small kitchen table and chairs if space permits. For entertaining larger crowds, open up your patio or deck for extra seating. Thinking of your outdoor space as extra living space is a huge plus.

The second key to success is proper furniture placement. When setting up your furniture, always think about using the space efficiently, meaning use all the space! Yes, you want to create traffic flow patterns, but avoid the urge to place all your furniture against the wall. You end up with a big empty crater in the center of the room which actually makes the space feel smaller than it is. Also, placing your furniture on an angle when you can, tends to open up your space, especially in a square shaped room.

The last step to consider in making your small space work is creating built-in shelving. If your home has standard reach-in closets, consider installing floor to ceiling shelving for extra storage. Using the vertical square footage in a closet can exponentially increase your storage space vs. the conventional hanging rod and single shelf option. This technique can be applied to any architectural niches in your home whether in the living room, family room, or bedroom. By thinking out of the box, you will be rewarded with extra square footage you never knew you had.

For additional help and guidance with decorating your awesome space, please contact Re-Style Interiors.

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Can you believe the calendar says it is September already! The kids are going back to school, your schedule is getting re-adjusted, and the nights are getting longer. My clients usually experience an “Oh Wow” moment this time of year when they realize the holidays are only weeks away and there is so much planning to do!

So what do you do if company is coming? May I suggest a bit of an interior re-fresh. This could be as simple as changing out your linens and throw pillows to reflect the fall season. Or, if you are looking for a more dramatic change… Make a huge visual impact by updating your living room or family room space. It is easier to accomplish than you may think.

This simple guide entitled, “Where Do I Put the Sofa?”  gives you a step-by-step outline on how to create a warm and functional space that will both welcome and “wow” your holiday guests.  You can access it by clicking here.

Or, let your holiday anxiety melt away and enjoy the season to its fullest!!!

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Did you know that even a slight change in your color scheme can dramatically affect the look of your space? Yes, we all get tempted at some point to go a little crazy with color so we can really make a statement. We think that the shade we pick has to be loud or dark or daring to make a difference. Well folks, you can change your look without leaving your comfort zone. A well-chosen neutral tone can add warmth and charm to an otherwise stark and cold environment. And don’t forget the addition of artwork and accessories will punctuate the space with even more color and personal style.

Take a look at the before and after photo of this simple dining room makeover. Which space would you rather be in?

Dining room Before
Dining room Before
Dining room After
Dining room After

If you would like help choosing your next wall color contact to set up a color consultation. And remember you can make your space a better place with a new paint color.

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This week announced the winners of the “Best of Houzz 2014” awards. Recipients of this prestigious award receive a Houzz Badge which is prominently displayed on their Designer Profile page. Winners are voted on by the more than 16 million monthly users that comprise the Houzz Community. Please visit  Re-Style Interiors profile here for design service ideas and information.

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Thanksgiving has been an annual  holiday in the United States since 1863.  Many traditions have grown up around Thanksgiving since then. I hope you all enjoyed your particular family traditions and had a wonderful day.

Stay tuned for some exciting Christmas decorating pics and tips which are sure to make your season Merry!

Thanksgiving Day

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Did you know that even your furry friends could enjoy artful design? People with pets spend a lot of time creating cool, stylish and well functioning spaces that they enjoy living in. But where should we draw the line when it comes to decorating for pets in our homes? Isn’t it true that our pets shower us with love and attention and make us smile each and every day? If that is your situation, then take this tip from a kindred spirit and include your pets in your next design project.

Can't Hold It Any Longer!
Can’t Hold It Any Longer!

Here are some “pet friendly” decorating ideas:

Cats enjoy being up high, so purchase some ready made shelving, cover with non-skid material and mount on the wall to create a kitty staircase and perch. This can be installed anywhere you choose in your home.

To keep kitties from “christening” your furniture, give them a tempting scratching post instead. They are widely available and come in an array of shapes, styles and colors.

There is no shortage of posh pooch furniture and accessories to spoil Fido. Everything from stylish doggie beds to unique food bowls are available from your favorite retailer.

My guess is every home with a pet has hundreds of pet photos. Create a gallery of your favorite pictures and frame them to blend with your existing décor. Your “bragging wall” can be placed front and center, or displayed in one of the more private areas of your home.

Frankly, pet decorating opportunities are endless. Just remember not to go too crazy as you don’t want to be  labeled as the house that went to the dogs!

Decorating your home should always be fun and including your four-legged family members in your design decisions is not only okay, it is encouraged!

Feel free to share your own pet decorating ideas by commenting here.

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What thoughts cross your mind when thinking about fall season decorating? For many of us it’s the time when we cozy up our space, ready the fireplace for cool nights to come, and bring out the fall décor. Are you are looking around, feeling a bit overwhelmed and wondering where to start?

If you need a little help giving your home that fabulous fall feeling follow these simple tips:

Fall and Fabulous
Fall and Fabulous

Clear out the clutter – with the holidays approaching you can use all the extra “found” space

Divide and conquer – by organizing your space into functional areas, you can keep that clutter from re-appearing

Make room for the tree = Christmas tree that is! If you typically set up a tree for the holidays, it’s not too early to identify that space.

Lastly, feel free to embellish your accessories. This is that time of year to bring in the bling!

If you are thinking I don’t have time to do all that, remember, professional designer help is out there. You can get your home Fall Fabulous without breaking the bank. If have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Happy Fall Decorating!