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3 Timeless Decorating Tips for Incredible Interiors

Design trends come and design trends go. For many people (maybe you?), decorating your space consists of looking at current design magazines and/or searching online for photos you like. Next you try replicating that image to recreate the design in your own home. That process can and does work sometimes. However, what if I said you can all but eliminate the potential pitfalls encountered with this strategy by following these three timeless decorating tips.

Tip #1

You know the saying… Size matters. Your first tip is to embrace the importance of proportion and scale. That is how items relate to each other size wise in your space. When your room feels good, you have succeeded in getting the proportions correct. Our eye is naturally attracted to balance and harmony. A peek at Mother Nature provides a perfect example for this sense of well-being. Your first step before placing any furniture in your space is to compare the size of your furniture with the overall square footage of the room. We want the room to feel “just right”. If the sofa is too big, it will over power the room, too small and it almost disappears in the space. Creating a floor plan first helps you visualize how the furniture will look in proportion to the scale of the room. If your proportions are correct, all your pieces will work, and since your space works, you can enjoy re-arranging your furniture many times over.

Tip #2

Your second tip is easy to understand, however, you may find that it’s so tempting to forget! I am referring to keeping your design consistent. Yes, you start with a clear idea, you shop for that “style” and then something happens and things get off track. Have you ever been attracted to a piece of furniture or an accent table, etc. and you just love it! But it’s not consistent with your original design style idea. You introduce the piece into your space anyway and it feels awkward or out of place. One way to help avoid getting off track like that is to give your design style a name. Once you say, I’m designing a rustic modern room, you can then refer back to that label when you’re shopping. By reminding yourself of your design label you will be more likely to maintain consistency in your style. On a related subject, you can choose an eclectic design style, but there is still an underlying consistency in the space.

Tip #3

Finally, your third tip ties all three of these design tips together. The key to a great design is defining the functionality for the space. What are you intending to do in your room? Does your design offer accommodations for its intended use? Are you entertaining guests? Providing a lounging space for t.v. viewing? When you know the function of your space, you are able to identify the type of furniture and accessories that will work best. In other words, form follows function.

Do you feel more confident now about your design choices? What room do you want to decorate first?

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