Design dilemma driving you crazy?

Want to "Fix" that Room and Renovate your space?

Got Cost and Time Concerns?

Lounge in the luxury you create - With my guidance - In your own time

"Sandy's tools allowed me to think through my plan. In one consultation I realized my home office could be an inspirational space for my work. It was affordable and convenient. My creativity has increased, it is better than I expected!" Dorothy A.

Dial in your design dreams in 5 Easy Steps

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Imagine working with a professional designer no matter where you happen to live! With the help of a little internet magic, you can be looking and talking with me, Sandy, like I was in your home. Just think, you can finally have the room of your dreams, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a designer to come into your home. With my unique format your design frustrations melt away as I walk you through your decorating challenge(s) on live video!

Fix that room so it reflects your style!
Change how you live in your space!

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Shirley W.

"I'm so pleased that I now sit in my new living room and just look at everything and enjoy."

Susan A.

"It is still us and you did a great job of pulling it all together."

How does it work?

  • Step 1 - Book your Private Session
  • Step 2 - Watch your email for the Room Fixer Checklist
  • Step 3 - Complete the simple form and click Submit
  • Step 4 - Schedule Your Virtual House Call
  • Step 5 - Connect with Sandy for your Virtual House Call (use any laptop or computer with working video cam)

How much does it cost?

Direct access to a designer could cost thousands of dollars depending on the scope of your project. Get the solution to your design dilemmas for a fraction of that cost - From the comfort of your home!

Naomi M.

"I love the new look of my house.
Thank you for everything!"

Book Your Video House Call with Sandy Today!

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