A passion for making things beautiful is what started it all.

My creative abilities sprouted and were nurtured while growing up in Southern California in a quintessential 1960's ranch style house with my parents, two siblings and our family pets, of course! That home holds dear memories for me and I believe inspired my love for midcentury modern design. Clean lines, and a "less is more" aesthetic has followed me throughout my adult life. Moving furniture, organizing things, hanging and rehanging artwork, and creating different vignettes was an exciting way for me to spend my free time in our family home. I explored and experimented with paint colors, making crafts, and creating unique items using found objects - way before the DIY craze was popular!

After college I spent almost 20 years in a successful corporate sales career. I finally decided to leave it all behind and start my true dream job! In 2004 I launched Re-Style Interiors, a full-service design firm offering a unique blend of contemporary and modern style with the warmth of casual elegance. It's my ongoing pleasure to work with wonderful clients creating designs that reflect their personal style. I'm the author of an e-book titled, Discover Your Unique Décor Style, How to Decorate Your Space with Confidence. And I'm also grateful for being published in Orange Coast Magazine.

So, are you ready to start decorating? Let's get going and create your dream design together!

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