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This week announced the winners of the “Best of Houzz 2014” awards. Recipients of this prestigious award receive a Houzz Badge which is prominently displayed on their Designer Profile page. Winners are voted on by the more than 16 million monthly users that comprise the Houzz Community. Please visit  Re-Style Interiors profile here for design service ideas and information.

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How do you create holiday décor that is extra special? Why not make it yourself! Here is how you can make your own Christmas centerpiece quick and easy.

Get a gold-colored charger plate, gather up several pinecones, some rosemary and cranberries. Lay the cut rosemary stems on the bottom of the charger plate, scatter pinecones around plate in circular manner, sprinkle cranberries around perimeter for color, and finally place either a candle in the center or use an extra Christmas tree ornament. You can make  one or several of these table decorations.

Christmas centerpiece
Christmas centerpiece

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year!

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Thanksgiving has been an annual  holiday in the United States since 1863.  Many traditions have grown up around Thanksgiving since then. I hope you all enjoyed your particular family traditions and had a wonderful day.

Stay tuned for some exciting Christmas decorating pics and tips which are sure to make your season Merry!

Thanksgiving Day

Need help with your Christmas decorating? Email or comment back on this post.

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Did you know that even your furry friends could enjoy artful design? People with pets spend a lot of time creating cool, stylish and well functioning spaces that they enjoy living in. But where should we draw the line when it comes to decorating for pets in our homes? Isn’t it true that our pets shower us with love and attention and make us smile each and every day? If that is your situation, then take this tip from a kindred spirit and include your pets in your next design project.

Can't Hold It Any Longer!
Can’t Hold It Any Longer!

Here are some “pet friendly” decorating ideas:

Cats enjoy being up high, so purchase some ready made shelving, cover with non-skid material and mount on the wall to create a kitty staircase and perch. This can be installed anywhere you choose in your home.

To keep kitties from “christening” your furniture, give them a tempting scratching post instead. They are widely available and come in an array of shapes, styles and colors.

There is no shortage of posh pooch furniture and accessories to spoil Fido. Everything from stylish doggie beds to unique food bowls are available from your favorite retailer.

My guess is every home with a pet has hundreds of pet photos. Create a gallery of your favorite pictures and frame them to blend with your existing décor. Your “bragging wall” can be placed front and center, or displayed in one of the more private areas of your home.

Frankly, pet decorating opportunities are endless. Just remember not to go too crazy as you don’t want to be  labeled as the house that went to the dogs!

Decorating your home should always be fun and including your four-legged family members in your design decisions is not only okay, it is encouraged!

Feel free to share your own pet decorating ideas by commenting here.

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What thoughts cross your mind when thinking about fall season decorating? For many of us it’s the time when we cozy up our space, ready the fireplace for cool nights to come, and bring out the fall décor. Are you are looking around, feeling a bit overwhelmed and wondering where to start?

If you need a little help giving your home that fabulous fall feeling follow these simple tips:

Fall and Fabulous
Fall and Fabulous

Clear out the clutter – with the holidays approaching you can use all the extra “found” space

Divide and conquer – by organizing your space into functional areas, you can keep that clutter from re-appearing

Make room for the tree = Christmas tree that is! If you typically set up a tree for the holidays, it’s not too early to identify that space.

Lastly, feel free to embellish your accessories. This is that time of year to bring in the bling!

If you are thinking I don’t have time to do all that, remember, professional designer help is out there. You can get your home Fall Fabulous without breaking the bank. If have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Happy Fall Decorating!

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Some people just have a passion for certain things and when that passion becomes a career, as the saying goes;  You never have to work another day in your life. That’s how I feel about my Re-Style Interiors design business.

Helping you bring your design dreams to life is what makes me happy. And infusing your own personality into your space is what drives the design process. As a devoted kitty owner myself, it is refreshing to know that decorating with our pets in mind is becoming much more common than ever before.

Quote of the Day!
Quote of the Day!

Statistics show that 36.5% of U.S. households own at least one dog, and 30.4% of households own at least one cat.  That’s a lot of fur!

When you have pets these general guidelines can help you create a great design that looks fantastic and functions well too.  Consider using leather or micro fiber fabrics when choosing furniture upholstery. Both are durable and hold up well to paws and claws.  If your pet has light-colored fur, consider a light upholstery color. Use the reverse strategy for dark-colored fur. Incorporating wood, porcelain, or other hard surface flooring materials makes house cleaning much easier. Area rugs can be vacuumed and maintained with less effort than wall-to-wall carpeting.  Storage for pet toys, and grooming supplies is important and can be accomplished in style. Think about storage ottomans, coffee tables with pull-out drawers, decorative baskets, etc.  Pet beds are literally becoming fashion statements, so finding one that fits your style is just a click of the mouse away.  When hanging artwork, consider an Andy Warhol style pet portrait. It can add color and whimsy to your space and you will have a unique pet memento.

You CAN enjoy your pets and decorate with style by keeping your design clean and uncluttered, And remember, there are no “faux paws” when it comes to showing your animals lots of love!

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Fall is around the corner and the kids are going off to college!! After the cost of tuition, books, and travel expenses, the thought of furnishing a dorm room may be enough to drive you crazy. Fear not, creating a comfortable and stylish space  doesn’t have to break the bank.

First of all, think vertical. Take every opportunity to bring items up off the floor. Create storage under the bed by lifting the frame up with risers.  Find bookcases that are shallow and tall to set up against the wall. Keep the floor as open as possible to eliminate that cluttered feel. Use colorful bedding since painting the walls is usually not permitted. Apply cork board to the walls with 3M Command strips so you can create your own personal photo collage. Incorporate floor lamps for reading instead of table lamps to maintain that valuable surface area. Get a desk organizer so you have quick access to all your supplies. For fun, add peel and stick wall decals. They are available in a multitude of styles and colors, are removable without residue and add a lot of personality to those ho-hum walls.

Cost Cutting Tips

Bring things from home.  Make a list of what you already have and cross those items off your shopping list.

Limit your furniture pieces.  Look for furnishings that provide multiple functions, and lots of storage.

Support your local charity.  Shopping there is a Win-Win.  You get a great deal and the proceeds help a great cause.

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